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The objectives of Mohamed bin Zayed Falconry and Desert Physiognomy School are:

  • Impart the principles and proper practices of Arab falconry in future generations;
  • Demonstrate the unique nature of Arab falconry in the UAE, the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab World at the national, regional and international levels;
  • Promote the sustainable traditions of Arab falconry;
  • Spread the principles and ethics of Arab falconry internationally through training falconers from all over the world;
  • Offer training to young generations on the basic and sound principles of Arab falconry, including falcon training, hunting, feeding, diseases and disease prevention, and behavior;
  • Consolidate the traditional nature of falconry, and present it as an important heritage and cultural front for Abu Dhabi;
  • Support the international efforts to preserve falconry as an intangible heritage and a dynamic art, by raising awareness of falconry preservation and sustainability at local, regional and international levels;
  • Educate and introduce students to legislation and policies for falconry preservation and sustainability;
  • Carry out research and studies on falconry heritage in the Arab World;
  • Maintain the Arab falconry archive and promote this historic heritage at local, regional and international forums.