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Foundation Course

The foundation falconry and desert physiognomy course gives an introduction to traditional Arabian falconry. The course consists of practical and theoretical workshops, delivering knowledge, skills, and experience in a desert environment.

Available to students aged 7 to 17.


  • Promote the sustainable traditions of Arab falconry
  • Offer training to young generations on the basic and sound principles of Arab falconry, including falcon training
  • Consolidate the traditional nature of falconry, and present it as an important heritage and cultural front for Abu Dhabi


  • Knowledge of the basic principles of Arabian Falconry.
  • Understanding of the meaning of heritage
  • Knowledge of the importance of falconry in UAE heritage
  • Knowledge of falconry equipment
  • Knowledge of basic falconry anatomy
  • Basic knowledge of quarry hunted in Arabian falconry
  • Understanding of falcon species used in Arabian falconry
  • Knowledge of falcon handling and basic training techniques
  • Development of practical skills essential for falconry
  • Knowledge of Sheikh Zayed falconry passion and conservation efforts
  • Understanding the meaning of sustainable falconry
  • Ability to make Arabian coffee
  • Basic knowledge of desert plants and animals

Cost: 250 AED

Course timings: Saturday & Sunday– 4.00 to 6.30pm