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When does the academic year start?

In the UAE, the academic year is from September to July. The MBZFDP School operates practical lessons during the falconry season, November to February

What is the minimum age for enrolment?

We offer courses for students aged 7 and above.

What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

MBZFDP School has a child protection policy, contact to view policy. We advise you to raise any incidents or concerns immediately with the school manager

How much absence from school is allowed and what is ‘excused’ or ‘acceptable’ absence?

MBZFDP School runs a variety of courses, some tailored to individual student needs. Some courses require full attendance to complete the course, other offering will allow absence. The school manager should be contacted by message, telephone or email if students are unable to attend.

Are schools entitled to use corporal punishment?

No. UAE law does not permit corporal punishment of any kind.

What can I do if I lose my certificate?

If a certificate has been lost, you can obtain a replacement. Contact