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Season 6 falconry and desert physiognomy courses available now


Students are eligible to become members of the Mohamed bin Zayed Falconry & Desert Physiognomy school on completion of the Foundation course.

Members can attend practical sessions each weekend throughout the falconry season and join any knowledge workshop at the school or online.

Completion of all units of work during knowledge workshops will give young falconers a complete understanding of falconry. Membership students work with a personal tutor and experienced falconer to develop their practical falconry skills to enable them to become proficient, knowledgeable and sustainable falconers.

Available to students aged 7 to 17.


  • Promote the sustainable traditions of Arab falconry;
  • Offer training to young generations on the basic and sound principles of Arab falconry, including falcon training, hunting, feeding, diseases and disease prevention, and behavior
  • Consolidate the traditional nature of falconry, and present it as an important heritage and cultural front for Abu Dhabi
  • Educate and introduce students to legislation and policies for falconry preservation and sustainability


  • Sheikh Zayed the pioneering falconer
  • International falconry & birds of prey flown
  • Traditional Arabian falconry
  • Knowledge of advanced falconry equipment
  • Knowledge of complete falconry anatomy
  • Knowledge of quarry hunted in Arabian falconry
  • Falcon husbandry, health, and welfare
  • Falcon migration and identification
  • Mastering of falcon training techniques
  • Mastering of practical skills essential for falconry
  • Sustainable falconry, falcon, habitat and quarry conservation

Cost: 700 AED – 1 month membership (maximum 8 sessions)

Course timings:
Friday & Saturday – Practical 4.00 – 5.30 Theory 5.30 - 6.30