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Happy World Falconry Day to all our students and international falconers

Youth 7-12yr olds

Three progressive courses are available. Students are required to complete each course in order, starting with Level 1, followed by Extension1, Extension 2. Each course is delivered in the afternoon, over four days

Cost: 500 AED (excluding VAT)

Course timings: 3.00 to 5.30


Level 1

Eligible students

  • Students who have an interest in falcons, falconry and desert physiognomy
  • Students aged 7- 12
  • Students who have not completed any courses at the MBZFDP school and who are attending for the first time

Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Knowledge of the basic principles of Arabian Falconry.
  • Understanding of the meaning of heritage
  • Knowledge of the importance of falconry in UAE heritage
  • Knowledge of falconry equipment
  • Knowledge of basic falconry anatomy
  • Basic knowledge of quarry hunted in Arabian falconry
  • Understanding of falcon species used in Arabian falconry
  • Knowledge of falcon handling and basic training techniques
  • Development of practical skills essential for falconry
  • Knowledge of Sheikh Zayed falconry passion
  • Understanding the meaning of sustainable falconry
  • Ability to make Arabian coffee
  • Basic knowledge of desert plants and animals

Level 1 - Extention 1

Eligible students

  • Students aged 7-12
  • Students who have completed Level 1 at the MBZFDP

Level 1 - Extention 2

Eligible students

  • Students aged 7-12
  • Students who have completed Level 1 and Extention 1 at the MBZFDP