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Happy World Falconry Day to all our students and international falconers

Desert Physiognomy

In the past, nomadic Bedouin people lived in the desert with very little resources. Knowledgably and experienced tutors at the Mohamed bin Zayed Falconry and Desert Physiognomy Schoolteach the skills and practices used by our ancestors to survive in this harshenvironment.

Knowledge and skills acquired

  • Understanding desert physiognomy; characteristics and appearance of the terrain
  • Understanding animal and plant adaptations to survive in extreme heat with low rainfall
  • Identification of poisonous insects and reptiles
  • Identification of plants
  • Knowledge of food available
  • Mastering the art of preparing and cooking traditional food
  • Knowledge of wind direction
  • How to navigate using sun and star position
  • Knowledge of how to locate water
  • Understand how to prepare traditional Arabic coffee
  • Knowledge of Bedouin tradition and history

Desert physiognomy is incorporated into all youth and school programmes and overnight camping activities.